SeNaTe - Seven Nanometer Technology   





Paving the way to the nano-structuring of electronic devices with 7nm resolution in high-volume manufacturing and fast prototyping 



Project description


As world-class leaders in tooling for semiconductor manufacturing, European suppliers are well placed to develop tool capabilities for the next generation 7nm IC technology node (N7), keeping on the “Moore’s law” projection that aims for manufacturing devices in this technology in 2018. SeNaTe will develop a demonstration of 7nm IC technology integration using real-life devices at the Advanced Patterning Center of the IMEC pilot line.


The main focus of the project is to support the European equipment and materials industry in its development of tools. This industry has 20% of the worldwide market share with ASML as top supplier in the area of lithography.


The impact on the employment generated or safeguarded will be important since the results will have an impact on the production of many companies and SMEs which are involved in the project.


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