SWARMs - Smart and Networking UnderwaterRobots in Cooperation


Autonomous operations of underwater robots at new reduced operational cost, increased safety of tasks and help to expand the offshore sector

Project description

SWARMs will expand the use of AUVs/ROVs (Autonomous Un-manned Vehicles and Remotely Operated Vehicles) and facilitate the creation, planning and execution of maritime and offshore operations. This will make autonomous operations a viable option for new and existing industries, reducing the operational cost, increasing the safety of tasks and help to expand the offshore sector.

The project will improve the autonomy and cooperation of underwater Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), introducing the CPS concept for sub-sea operations to boost their cost-effectiveness. This will improve the industrialisation and automation of underwater inspection, maintenance and construction operations in the harsh conditions inherent to the oceanic/maritime environment. By contributing to guaranteeing interoperability, cooperation, reuse and

technologicalimprovements, SWARMs will reduce both development and operating costs, yet contribute to increasing safety in underwater operations by reducing the risks associated with human operators.

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