MANTIS - Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance 






Proactive Maintenance Service Platform Architecture enabling efficient “Collaborative Maintenance Ecosystems”



Project description


Maintenance can cost anything between 30% and 50% of the total manufacturing costs in industrial processes. However, it no longer needs to be a necessary evil that costs what it costs but can be an important function that creates additional value in the business process as well as new business models with a stronger service orientation. The project will develop a Proactive Maintenance Service Platform Architecture based on Cyber Physical Systems that enable “Collaborative Maintenance Ecosystems”.


MANTIS will contribute to improving companies' asset availability, and therefore their competitiveness, growth and sustainability by a number of relevant developments, such as reduction of the impact of maintenance on productivity and costs, improvement of the quality of the maintenance service and therefore of products, increase of sustainability by preventing material loss and reworking, and many others. 


The scope of technical innovation developed by MANTIS will include, among others, smart sensors, actuators and cyber physical systems capable of local pre-processing, as well as robust communication systems for harsh environments.


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