UPDATE April 2015

ECSEL JU Calls 2015

On 17 March 2015 the ECSEL JU launched two calls for proposals, one for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and one for Innovation Actions (IA). They will run in parallel with the following deadlines:

  • Project Outline Stage: 12 May 2015, 17:00:00 Brussels time
  • Full Project Proposal Stage: 8 September 2015, 17:00:00 Brussels time

The Public Authority Board shall take the funding decisions in December 2015. Watch the ECSEL JU website for news.


The ECSEL Participating States and the Regions

ECSEL attended the events organized by the national associations ECSEL Germany and ECSEL Austria, updating them on the state of play and collecting valuable insights and suggestions to improve functions.


ECSEL met and discussed synergies and common actions within the regional smart specialisation strategies with:

  • the Deputy Prime Minister of Saxony, Mr. Martin Dulig
  • Saxony representatives (in Dresden)
  • Regione Abruzzo (in Avezzano)
  • Carinthia representation in Brussels
  • The Informal Group of the Italian Representation Offices in Brussels (GIURI); ECSEL also invited to this meeting the other Joint Technology Initiatives.

ECSEL and the European Parliament

ECSEL sponsored again the MEP Award on Research and Innovation, won this year by Mr Christian Ehler, an EPP deputy from Potsdam, Germany. Mr Ehler is a member of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and vice-chair of the subcommittee on security and defence. The award is based on the voting of the MEPs who recognized his contributions towards setting up of Horizon 2020 and his work on several R&I dossiers.


ECSEL in Public

  • The national Funding Authority of Sweden, Vinnova, organised an interesting and well-attended event in Stockholm, where ECSEL JU was present with a small booth and a presentation. There were also interesting presentations by various industry leaders, including a fascinating tour through the possibilities of autonomous vehicles by Volvo.
  • Second SEMI Swiss Semiconductor Forum 2015 took place in Lenzburg, Switzerland and addressed the “Funding landscape in Switzerland and Europe”. It included a presentation on the ECSEL programme and prospects for 2015.
  • SEMI ISS Europa 2015 in Amsterdam gathers prominent industry experts from around the world concentrated on “IoT - A New Era of Innovation for Europe”. The ECSEL JU presented European Policies Affecting the Supply Chain for the Internet of Things”.
  • ECSEL JU presented its programme in the event organized by the Regione Abruzzo for the industry (LA REGIONE ABRUZZO PER LE IMPRESE) highlighting co-funding opportunities with ESIF.
  • ECSEL JU presented a programme update in the ARTEMIS Community Session of the ITEA3/ARTEMIS-IA Co-summit in Berlin and participated in the Panel session “How to strengthen the R&I in the domain of Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems in Europe, to implement the recommendations of Vision 2030.

  • ECSEL JU presented the keynote “IoT Value Chains Creating Opportunities for Components and Systems in Europe” at the International Conference and Exhibition on Integration Issues on Miniaturised Systems (SSI) in Copenhagen.
  • Due to airline strikes, ECSEL participated through net meeting to the podium discussion on the “Digital revolution and Industry 4.0 in historic context” of the 19th Leibnitz Conference of Advanced Science, Dresden.




On 14 and 15 April 2015, ECSEL JU invites prospective participants in the 2015 calls to attend a Consortium Building Event in Brussels. The first half day shall highlight general principle of preparing impactful proposals both on breakthrough ideas and on innovation along the value chain, supported by representatives of other Joint Technology Initiatives, some Commission departments and some of the industries benefitting from the progress in electronic components and systems. The second day will concentrate on project ideas and networking among the participants. More than 400 participants are already registered.

Complete information on our website here.






11-13 May - Japan



edaWorkshop 2015

19-21 May - Dresden






EuroNanoForum 2015

10-12 June - Latvia








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