Brussels, March 16th 2016


ECSEL JU Opens its Calls for Proposals for 2016


As in previous years, ECSEL JU will open two calls for proposals, running in parallel: one for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA), the other for Innovation Actions (IA). The total available EU funding (via the Horizon2020 programme) is 150 M€ with a matching funding contribution from the ECSEL Participating States. In addition, the Call initiates the start-up of “Lighthouse Initiatives”, aimed to develop long-term strategic focus on specific technologies critical for Europe’s future. Details are available via the ECSEL web-site at www.ecsel.eu.



“ECSEL Call Forum” Event


In support of the Call, ECSEL JU is also organising an “ECSEL Call Forum” event, to be held in Brussels on May 3rd 2016. In addition to providing detailed updates on the Calls, the event is designed to stimulate networking among prospective project partners, giving opportunity to refine proposals, engage new partners and seek advice on the submission process to ECSEL experts at first hand. Details and registration also via www.ecsel.eu.



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