UPDATE January 2016

New Executive Director for ECSEL


As of January 1st 2016, Mr. Bert De Colvenaer takes up the baton as Executive Director of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking, as successor to Dr. Andreas Wild who entered retirement at the end of 2015.


With a strong industrial background, particularly in the automotive sector, as well as previous experience as Executive Director of another Joint Undertaking (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen), Mr. De Colvenaer brings to ECSEL the necessary experience to assure continuity of its operations while adding new perspectives and a fresh view towards its future evolution.


For Mr. De Colvenaer, the diversity of the participants in ECSEL and its extensive range of applications across many supply chains are both a challenge and a great opportunity. “In the widest sense”, he states, “I want to create 'More Europe for a smarter Europe' and I believe that the ECSEL JU is - and will be even more in the future - both instrumental and catalytic to achieving this.  In this respect, the most important word in the name of ECSEL JU is Joint.”






Wed. 27 and Thurs. 28 January


The event is an opportunity to learn more about the upcoming Calls for Proposals, as well as to meet consortium partners and draft project ideas.




The ECSEL Brokerage Event immediately follows the ARTEMIS-IA event at the same location. Registration to the ARTEMIS-ia event does not guaranty you a reservation to the ECSEL brokerage, please fill out the Participant Registration form


If you have an idea for a proposal you would like to make public during the event, you have several ways to do so :

  1. Bring a Poster
  2. Make a 5min presentation in the plenary
  3. Reserve a breakout room to host a meeting (for mature and advanced project ideas only)


Click here to reserve a poster panel, a plenary presentation and/or a breakout room.


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