UPDATE October 2015

ECSEL JU Progress

  • ECSEL JU received on 8 September 2015 in response to the call 2015-1 (Research and Innovation Actions) 51 full project proposals, and 2015-2 (Innovation Actions), 11 full project proposals. Total eligible costs (Horizon 2020) are 1.8 billion euro, the requested reimbursement is 470 million euro from the EU against an announced budget of 145 million (3.25x). In addition, the national grants requested sum up to plus 440 million euro.  The evaluations are ongoing, with a target to reach a funding decision towards the end of November.
  • The ECSEL Stakeholders Forum 2015 took place in Graz, Austria, on 18 September 2015. This first edition responded to the statutory task of the ECSEL JU’s “Private Members Board”, to inform the private and of the public stakeholders about and collect feedback on the draft of the multiannual strategic research and innovation agenda and research innovation and activities plan.
    High-level executives of leading European companies provided visionary inputs on their specific domains (health systems, automotive electronics, aerospace, smart grids for energy and challenges of the Internet of Things), and participating R&D actors presented some 8 ideas for possible “flagship” projects, fuelling animated discussions among both private and public sector participants. The resulting documents will be essential in preparing the 2016 calls for proposals. 
    Forum presentations are available to participants and to the constituents of the Private Members (login required: please contact AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA or EPoSS for more information).  http://ecsel.eu/web/JU/Industry%20Associations.php


The ECSEL Participating States and the Regions

  • On 16 September 2015, Dr. Peter Kaiser (Governor of Carinthia), Dr. Gaby Schaunig (Vice Governor responsible for Innovation and Research) and DI Christian Benger (Regional Minister for SME and enterprises) together with the ECSEL JU's Executive Director Dr. Andreas Wild, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to actively collaborate with the goal to strengthen the involvement of the R&D actors from Carinthia by combining funding from Horizon 2020 (through ECSEL JU) and European Structural and Investment Funds managed by the Region. In 2014, Carinthia already contributed over 50% of the Austrian participation in ECSEL projects.

From left to right: DI Christian Benger, Regional Minister for SME and enterprises; Dr. Gaby Schaunig, Vice Governor responsible for Innovation and Research; Dr. Andreas Wild, Executive Director, ECSEL JU; Dr. Peter Kaiser, Governor of Carinthia.


Mr. Michael Wiesmüller, the Lead Delegate of the National Funding Authority in ECSEL, could not be present, but sent a message highlighting that that this partnership is very welcome from the federal perspective because it is aligned with the national strategical objectives. http://ecsel.eu/web/publications/Partnerships.php.


  • On 28 September 2015. Mr. Bodo Ramelow, Minister-President of the Free State of Thuringia, and leading personalities from the regional administration, met with ECSEL Policy Advisor Helmut Ennen to discuss enhancing the collaboration and take advantage, among other things, of co-funding opportunities between Horizon 2020 and ESIF.
  • On 30 September 2015, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Education, Universities and Research of Italy, met with Andreas Cuomo, Chairman of the ECSEL Governing Board, and Andreas Wild, Executive Director, to discuss increasing the Italian contributions to the ECSEL JU programme.


ECSEL in Public

An initiative of the Open Media cluster, the event “Free and Safe in Cyberspace” (Sept. 24+25, Brussels) brought together leading experts in cyber security, including ECSEL JU Executive Director Andreas Wild. ECSEL highlighted the mandatory need to address cyber security in embedded electronics systems in a holistic hardware/software approach, and emphasised the need for strategic independence through increased investment in RD&I all along the electronics supply chain - from chips to embedded software to integration into application systems.




ARTEMIS-iaTechnology Conference 2015

This year’s ATC is the first event in the new series of ARTEMIS-IA events and the pilot for a new programme set-up, consisting of a collection of parallel technical sessions, each built around a specific theme. The programme of the ATC is built from the following five thematic sessions:

  1. CPS for Smart Production and Industrial Automation
  2. Revisit of the ARTEMIS Reference Platform concept
  3. Future CPS industrial challenges
  4. CPS for Smart Mobility and Autonomous Driving
  5. Workshop on ProcessIT.EU roadmap

You can find more detailed information about the content of the project presentations here.



EPoSS Annual Forum

The EPoSS Annual Forum will for the second time be a joint event with the MNBS Consultation and Concertation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems. The event will take place in Leuven, Belgium, 12-15 October 2015.You can find more detailed information here.



European Nanoelectronics Forum

The European Nanoelectronics Forum 2015 will take place on 01-02 December in Berlin, Germany.


With more than 70 projects to be exhibited, interactive information sessions on hot topics as well as a top notch plenary programme, ENF2015 promises to deliver a unique networking opportunity for all attendees and a comprehensive snapshot of nanoelectronics R&D&I in Europe today.


Hosted by AENEAS, CATRENE, ECSEL JU and the European Commission


Registration is now open,


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